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As we care much for originality, we took the form from an old existing metal sheet and built a tool, out of which we now let form a bucket seat with a thickness of 1.5mm made of automobile metal. A laser has cut corners and holes, in order to get symmetrical forms! After that, the forms got a priming coat and a black-coated finish.



beschreibung_bild2.jpg (10507 bytes)After that we went on to professionally build up the saddle in a craftsman’s way. The first layer consists of a 10 mm strong saddle felt, which has been adapted to the contour of the saddle. Then the saddle formed in the right shape is sewed up carefully at the rim. For that we use leather that is made according to old tanner’s tradition. The fixing screws of the saddle surely are rustproof. Finally the finished saddle is treated with high-quality leather grease. The colour and structure of the leather can vary from one saddle to the other, as it is a natural product not treated with chemicals. Nevertheless by using the leather grease it is possible to influence the hue.

beschreibung_bild3.jpg (15447 bytes)The position of the fixing screws is taken from the original. The saddle can be attached to most of the underframes that time.